Dr. Ronny Costi

Ronny Costi, PhD, EMBA 

Multidisciplinary Motivational Leader and Problem Solver


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About me


- At the end of 2023 I have started a position of Business Development Manger at ICL-IP. I am currently focused on the flame retardant (FR) business and leading Project FRontier for innovation and business growth in the FR business. 

- During 2023 I was the CTO of SlideTro LTD, a Deep Tech startup, using 2D layered materials to re-invent fast and energy efficient memory devices as SRAM replacement. I have built a product strategy and assisted in securing seed funds for continued activities before moving on.

- Up to 2022, and for 6 years, I was the Microelectronics Group Founder and Leader at Landa Labs, a privately owned research and incubation hub for the Landa Group. I lead several teams including Assembly & Packaging, Reliability & Failure Analysis, and Production Processes Development, all for developing high energy, high resolution laser matrices. 

- My earlier professional history includes managing the Electrochemistry and Physical Chemistry Lab at ICL-IP R&D, where we specialized in Bromine related chemistry, researching and developing  various products and applications - anything from high end chemicals for energy storage to metal extraction. I have also worked as a R&D Materials Chemist at StoreDot, a startup company developing fast charging batteries. 


- In 2021, I  have completed my Executive MBA degree at Tel Aviv University (TAU). 

- I held two postdoctorate associate positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Latest was in the Research Lab for Electronics (RLE) my research was focused on integration of catalysts and photoelectrodes for solar-fuel generation, as well as thin-film formation and modification for various device architectures and processes. During my time at MIT, I have worked with Prof. Vladimir Bulović (ONE Lab) and with Prof. Daniel Nocera at the Department of Chemistry at MIT.

- I have my Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), researching light induced electronic properties of hybrid nanoparticles with Prof. Uri Banin. My B.Sc. is in Chemistry is also from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 


Fast thinking, motivational manager focused on R&D management with quick development and integration of new technologies. I have a demonstrated history in the energy storage and microelectronics industries and enjoy technical and scientific challenges.