Work & Research Experience


Chief Tecnology Officer Slide Tro LTD, Israel.

    • Stealth mode Deep Tech startup


Microelectronics Group Leader Advanced Technologies, Landa Labs, Rehovot, Israel.

    • Establishing state-of-the-art microelectronics group with groundbreaking research and activities.

    • Managing three teams in the fields of Microelectronic assembly and packaging, Reliability and failure analysis, and Development of production processes.

    • Insourcing critical manufacturing processes by establishing assembly and analysis labs.


Electrochemistry Lab Manager R&D, ICL-IP, Be'er Sheva, Israel.

    • Managed a lab that specializes in Bromine related electrochemistry and physical chemistry, and deals with the electrochemical aspects of research and development of various applications and products.

    • Led major multidisciplinary R&D projects in materials science and energy storage.

    • Coordinated research with internal and external partners.

    • Customer and production support, including troubleshooting issues and international customer relations.


R&D Material Chemist StoreDot LTD, Ramat Gan, Israel.

    • R&D researcher in a company dealing with the development of fast charging batteries for mobile applications and of all-natural displays for a variety of applications.


Postdoctoral Associate Researcher Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA.

    • Postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Vladimir Bulović from the Research Laboratory for Electronics (RLE@MIT, 2009-2013) and with Prof. Daniel G.Nocera from the Department of Chemistry (2009-2011).

    • Researched in the fields of renewable energy, solar fuels and catalysis.

    • Investigated of light induced electronic and exitonic processes for catalysis (i.e. water oxidation reactions) by integration of organic and inorganic semiconductor photoelectrodes with molecular inorganic catalysts.

    • Processing and formation of new stable materials for visible-light induced photo-activity by electrochemical modification of surfaces and thin films.

    • Investigation of semiconductor-semiconductor interface processing for efficient and highly manufacturable photovoltaic and light emitting devices.

    • Research involving different methods of synthesis, manufacturing and characterization of materials and devices, including electrochemistry, spectroscopy, electron microscopy, SPM, x-ray diffraction, elemental analysis (Auger, EDX), sputtering, evaporation and more.


Ph.D. Researcher The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel.

    • Ph.D. researcher with Prof. Uri Banin from the Institute of Chemistry.

      • Intensive reseaerch using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and its derivatives (Electrostatic Force Microscopy and Tunneling Conductance Microscopy) on electrical properties and light induced effects of hybrid nanocrystals.

    • Spectroscopic and gas chromatography measurements of photocatalytic effects and reactions of hybrid nanocrystals.

    • Synthesis of hybrid nanostructures and their chemical modification for different solvent solubility.

Teaching Assistant The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel.


Intern Student at the Engineering Department FAB 8, Intel, Jerusalem, Israel.

    • Initiated, performed and implemented projects for line yield improvement in the Metal/Oxide Etch Group.

    • Supported a module by collection and analysis of data.


Research Assistant in Analytical Chemistry The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel.

    • Work with Prof. Eli Grushka.

    • Assisted in research concerning moving phases in RPLC and HPLC.

    • Programmed, using Visual Basic, applications dedicated for the research.


Naval Noncommissioned Officer Israel Defense Forces, Israel.

    • Commanded over a land-based unit.

    • Participated in various projects, sometimes leading and other times as team member - as required.