Publications & Patents

Publications :

10) R. Costi, E.R. Young, V. Bulović and D.G. Nocera, 

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1) T. Mokari, E. Rothenberg, I. Popov, R. Costi and U. Banin,

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Patents :

8) Ronny Costi, Gilad Reut Gelbart, “Method and apparatus for mounting and cooling a circuit component” (LandaLabs)

7) Ronen Naim, Ronny Costi, Hanan Serchook, Ran Elazari, “A process for recovering gold from ores” (ICL-IP)

6) Ronny Costi, Ben Zion Magnes, “Mixtures of metal oxides and halide salts” (ICL-IP)

5) Ben Zion Magnes, Neta Cohen, Iris Ben David, Ronny Costi, “Additives for a flow battery” (ICL-IP)

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2) Vladimir Bulović, Daniel G. Nocera, Elizabeth R. Young,  Ronny Costi, Sarah Paydavosi, “Methods for Forming Electrodes for Water Electrolysis and Other Electrochemical Techniques” (MIT)

1)  Uri Banin, Ronny Costi, “Hybrid metal-semiconductor nanoparticles and methods for photo-inducing charge separation and applications thereof” (The Hebrew University)

Grants :

“All Organic Light Harvesting Device for Catalytic Water Oxidations” Siemens AG Seed Grant, 2011, for the lab of Prof. Bulović 

Ph.D. Thesis :

"Light-Induced Charging and Charge Separation in Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor Nanodumbbells", 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Sep. 2009